3 Wise Nugs

Be open to trying things – even if you never pictured yourself doing them in the past – as they might turn out to be something you enjoy/are good at. Witnessing trauma and illness at work everyday prepares you for minor things that may have scared you before. Helping others deal with emotional trauma is emotionally traumatic for you as well.

Barbara Gittings: Speech Outline

Exposition: At a LGBT rights protest, possibly holding a sign. I’m not completely sure what I’m going to say here yet, probably something along the lines of: My name is Barbara Gittings and I am the mother of the gay rights movement. Conflict: I have spent the early years of my life being told that I have a disease. A disease that can’t always be cured, a horrible illness that is.. Read More

Blog Response #3: Film vs Text

After reading Kurt Vonnegut’s Harrison Bergeron and watching the film 2081 (an adaptation of the narrative), I have come to the conclusion that the most effective medium for telling this story is through film. In my opinion, the text was quite bland and although it was mostly likely the authors intent, at times it was boring and I felt that it lacked emotion. The film was more interesting, and it was able to convey the.. Read More

Barbara Gittings

It took me a while to find someone for this years’ eminent, mostly because I wasn’t really sure what “kind of person” I wanted to do. After looking through the list of eminent people that have been done in the past, I decided that I wanted to choose someone who has impacted the LBGTQ+ community; I feel that there’s a lack of representation in that area. My eminent person this year is.. Read More

Blog Response #2: Racism

I believe that the thesis of David Suzuki’s “Racism” is that although it may seem like racism is disappearing it is still extremely present, even in youth. The anecdote at the beginning of his letter was about one of his childhood friends, who called his father the c-slur. “[Suzuki] didn’t know whether [he] should laugh or be mad because [his friend] had used a racial slur” (17). It surprised me.. Read More

Blog Response #1: Emil

In Stuart McLean’s “Emil”, Morley becomes friends with a homeless man named Emil, who is described as “dirty, wild, and crazy” (109). Although others often treat Emil with disrespect because of his appearance and the stereotype usually associated with homeless people, Morley sees him as an equal – a normal human being just as capable as herself. She realizes throughout the three years that she knows him that fulfillment has.. Read More

To Kill A Mockingbird: Scene 1

On a cool autumn day in the sleepy Alabama town of Maycomb, protagonist Scout has her “fists clenched and [is] ready to let fly” (99) at Cecil Jacobs, who has told everyone that “[her] daddy defends [n-words]” (99). Although she isn’t very sure what this means, she can tell from the way everyone says it that it is seen as a disgrace. The only thing stopping her from starting a.. Read More

Descriptive Paragraph: Anger

I could feel her bold, piercing stare from across the room, her dark brown eyes ablaze. Ears smoking, she fumed like an irritable bull being teased with red cloth. Sam was clutching a single chicken strip, her nimble fingers curled around it securely. She sighed deeply, and the booming sound echoed in my ears, accompanied by a shiver that slowly creeped up my spine. Her appearance was in disarray: cheeks.. Read More

Ted Talk: Blushing

Wow, I can’t believe this school year is over already! Here is my ted talk about blushing. The reason I chose this topic is because I blush A LOT, and I’ve always wondered #1 how blushing works and #2 how others perceive blushing. I gained a lot of knowledge about blushing during this project, and even how to prevent it in certain situations. My bibliography and notes are linked below… Read More