Autobiography Check-in: Justin Trudeau

I’m currently reading Common Ground by Justin Trudeau (an autobiography. Here are five passages that have stood out to me so far.   Quote #1: “Too many Canadians emphasize their regional differences and forget the things that unite us. We are one people that speak two official languages and share a host of others. For all our differences of culture, history, and geography, we are bound together by shared values that define the.. Read More

J.A. Macdonald: A Racist, Violent White Supremacist

Mr. Morris Humanities April 18, 2018 John A. Macdonald: A Racist, Violent White Supremacist   It’s truly fascinating how years of prejudice and bigotry can be traced back to a single man. John A. Macdonald’s actions have been romanticized for decades, the glorification of such an unprogressive leader displayed through statues, monuments, and eponyms. While some see Macdonald as the brilliant leader who founded Canadian confederacy, others are fully aware.. Read More

Ind. Investigation: Métis

To what extent did the treatment of Indigenous people/communities (more specifically the Métis) shape early Canadian History?   Outline the focus of your inquiry and provide background knowledge. Why is this an important and significant question to ask about the past?    The Métis are the descendants of French-speaking Roman Catholics and Indigenous women. They established a French-speaking community in river-lot farms with their own flag, traditions, and beliefs, and.. Read More

In-Depth #5

My in-depth project has been going great so far, I’m glad I chose such an interesting and complex topic. I’ve created a few looks since my last post, but for some reason my laptop won’t let me upload the photos. The first look was simple and cute, I was in a good mood and decided to add little white hearts to the sides of my eyes. It was difficult to.. Read More

Socials DoL #2: Legalization of Marijuana

The legalization of marijuana in Canada is a controversial topic, one that has been discussed to a great extent throughout the years. Making this illegal drug more accessible for medical and recreational uses not only affects the political aspect of Canada’s identity, but the social, environmental, and economic aspects as well. The political issue came about in 1923, when Parliament’s decision made Canada one of the first countries to add marijuana to the list.. Read More

In-Depth #4

It’s week seven, and I’ve already learned so much from my mentor, although we’ve only had two meetings so far. During this meeting, we went through all my makeup/brushes and she showed me how to use each one. One thing I learned was that eyeshadow brushes have a large variety of uses, they are way more multi-purpose than I thought. I also learned that I have all the right supplies – which is.. Read More

Socials DoL #1: Significant Object

INQUIRY QUESTION What is the story of my great-grandmother’s “sunhat”? I had a hard time finding a significant object, as most things I own that are personally significant aren’t particularly historically significant. After talking to my aunt, however, I chose a hat that was owned by my great-grandmother. I never got the chance to meet her, as she passed away before I was born, but I was able to visit her old.. Read More

Historical Thinking

I believe that out of the six questions mentioned in Peter Seixas’ The Big Six Historical Thinking Concepts, the most important one to consider during social studies this year is “how can we better understand the people of the past” (11). As we discussed in class, personal bias often gets in the way of learning about past events. When we judge people and events that came before us, we are basing our.. Read More

In-Depth #3

It’s week five of in-depth, and I’ve finally gotten a mentor! Although she’s a hairdressing teacher at a high school in Burnaby, she is an expert in the field of makeup. Our first meeting ended up being just over an hour in length, and we discussed many things such as the law of colour (complimentary colours, the colour wheel, primary colours, etc), application techniques, possible resources that I can use.. Read More

In-Depth #2 (sorta)

Hello! I’m writing this for the second time (it’s quite frustrating) as I posted my in-depth #2 post last night but somehow it got deleted. I’ll try my best to remember everything I wrote in the last post. In-depth has been happening for a few weeks now, and I have not yet been able to find a mentor. I’ve reached out to a bunch of different people through email, but have not received.. Read More