Crikey… Another Eminent Post?!

This night was an unforgettable one, filled with laughter, nervousness, talking and eating. Everyone did a great job with their learning centres and speeches, and I can’t wait for next year’s eminent. I decided to make a video with some of the footage from my Gopro… Enjoy!!     Biblography: Short Biography of Audrey Hepburn Very reliable biography of Audrey Hepburn that includes many useful facts, and was a great source.. Read More

NotN Reflection 2016

So… eminent is over. Woah.     When this project started, I was extremely confused, stressed and worried about everything: my speech, research, learning center and how I would choose my person. To be honest, everything sort of just happened and it was all over in what seemed like the blink of an eye. I actually really enjoyed this project! Now that it’s over, I feel both happy and sad; I.. Read More

DoL: Eminent Speech

I decided to post my final speech draft on here, because I didn’t go too in-depth with my library post; I feel like I should post one more document of learning before my final reflection post. So here it is, my speech on Audrey Hepburn – told from the point of view of her son Sean Hepburn Ferrer.   Audrey Hepburn The world saw my mother as a star. They saw.. Read More

Eminent Interview

So, Night of the Notables is only a few days away.. ahhh Sadly, I have been unsuccessful with my interview(s), but this experience has taught me a few things and will help me be more successful next time. At first, I had no idea who I wanted to interview – I had to do more research to find out what kind of person I would like to talk to. I.. Read More