Right Hand Man: Hamilton Song Analysis

Right Hand Man is the eighth song in the musical, and is about Hamilton’s fixation with his legacy, Washington’s difficulties during the war, and how they both came together to form a team. Thank you to Mr. Jackson, because I had never heard of Hamilton before this (ITS SO AMAZING HOW COULD I HAVE NEVER HEARD OF IT??) and this was hands down my favourite unit of all time. It’s crazy how.. Read More

Skating, Ballet & German Food: Christmas Cultural Event

    This cultural event was amazing, and I would like to thank all of the teachers and students that made it possible for us to be able to experience this. I made a video about our adventure (and it’s quite long – I know – it’s about five minutes) but please watch it!! We watched the Nutcracker ballet, ice skated at Robson Square, and went to the Christmas Market. I.. Read More

Socials9: Midterm

Recently – in Socials 9 – we have been discussing/reflecting on the things we have learned so far in our first few months of talons. For our mid term assignment, we were asked to put together a list of big ideas and examples of things we have learned (through readings, discussions and personal research) that prove those ideas. I chose to focus on three big ideas, and write two examples.. Read More