So…¬†WE FINISHED SEMESTER 1. Honestly, I can’t believe how quickly this all went by and I am extremely excited to start this next semester.

As for in depth, we are already at week three and I have not yet been able to meet with my mentor – but I have a meeting scheduled in just over a week from now. I have talked to Ms. Mulder and will be posting my “official” second in depth post after I meet with my mentor. I just decided to do a little update on my current thoughts, struggles and ideas relating to this project.

As you all probably know, I chose to create a YouTube channel for my in depth project this year (click here to view my channel). I have not yet posted a video, but am hoping to film/edit one in the near future. Personally, I feel that it would be best to start creating videos after my first meeting with my mentor because I know that speaking with them will allow me to produce better quality videos.

I have reached out to many possible mentors, all of which I think will be able to provide me with a lot of insight and guidance in these next few months. I will probably only be seeing one of my mentors regularly, while I will be meeting with the others only a few times to ask questions and expand my knowledge. One of my mentors that can for sure meet with me every two weeks is Travis Richardson who works for BroadBandTV – a company that helps YouTubers grow their channels and become more successful. I am super excited to meet with him for the first time! He has had years of experience with both YouTube and Vine. Another one of my possible mentors has a Youtube channel currently, with over 300,000 subscribers. She is a beauty/fashion vlogger and I really hope that she will be able to help me out on this (view her channel here).

Even though this project has technically just started, I have faced a few challenges these past few weeks. One of these challenges is filming videos that I am actually confident with. I filmed a video last week, but looking back at the footage realized that I am not yet confident enough to post the video and need more “experience/knowledge”. I am hoping that after speaking to my mentor(s) I will be able to create my first video.

Stay tuned for in depth post #3, I wish everyone the best of luck on their own projects!