To Kill A Mockingbird: Scene 1

On a cool autumn day in the sleepy Alabama town of Maycomb, protagonist Scout has her “fists clenched and [is] ready to let fly” (99) at Cecil Jacobs, who has told everyone that “[her] daddy defends [n-words]” (99). Although she isn’t very sure what this means, she can tell from the way everyone says it that it is seen as a disgrace. The only thing stopping her from starting a.. Read More

Descriptive Paragraph: Anger

I could feel her bold, piercing stare from across the room, her dark brown eyes ablaze. Ears smoking, she fumed like an irritable bull being teased with red cloth. Sam was clutching a single chicken strip, her nimble fingers curled around it securely. She sighed deeply, and the booming sound echoed in my ears, accompanied by a shiver that slowly creeped up my spine. Her appearance was in disarray: cheeks.. Read More