DoL 2: Speech Drafts & Final Copy

I decided to post my speech drafts and final copy as a document of learning! I’m actually incredibly proud of my speech, I really like the way it turned out. Good luck to everyone with their learning centres and the grade 10s with their speeches 🙂   Final Speech: Where does it hurt the most? I’ve pondered this question for most of my life, and after searching through the painful.. Read More

DoL: Eminent Interview

I conducted my eminent interview a while ago, with an openly “queer” singer/musician named Mathew! Myself and a few of my friends met him at a concert last year (he was the opening artist), and I decided to reach out to him for my interview. He’s extremely busy at the moment, so we conducted the interview over email. My eminent person is a gay rights activist and although Mathew is.. Read More

3 Wise Nugs

Be open to trying things – even if you never pictured yourself doing them in the past – as they might turn out to be something you enjoy/are good at. Witnessing trauma and illness at work everyday prepares you for minor things that may have scared you before. Helping others deal with emotional trauma is emotionally traumatic for you as well.

Barbara Gittings: Speech Outline

Exposition: At a LGBT rights protest, possibly holding a sign. I’m not completely sure what I’m going to say here yet, probably something along the lines of: My name is Barbara Gittings and I am the mother of the gay rights movement. Conflict: I have spent the early years of my life being told that I have a disease. A disease that can’t always be cured, a horrible illness that is.. Read More