New York Times

A useful, concise article illustrating Barbara’s main accomplishments, and the most important parts of her life. It is the first website I used when beginning my research; it sparked my interest and admiration towards her and motivated me to choose her as my eminent person.

“Pioneer Lesbian Activist Barbara Gittings Gets the Biography She Deserves”

A website including parts of Barbara’s biography (I didn’t know she had a biography until I came across this), and other important pieces of information about her. It helped me write my speech, as it only contained the important events and went more in depth than other sources I used.

Barbara Gittings, Gay Pioneer

The biography that was mentioned above, definitely the most useful source! I found this book extremely useful because it goes beyond the surface; instead of just listing brief facts it really digs deep and explains Barbaras motivations/struggles/successes.

LGBT History Month1 & LGBT History Month2

Two different articles on Barbara’s influence, they focus on WHY and HOW she is significant. They include dates, names, and quotes – but only the ones that are important.

Interview With Vito Russo

An interview where Barbara talks about the beginning of her career as a gay rights activist, and tells her interviewer that “gay is good”. It was useful to hear her tell her own story, rather than others telling it for her, as there are small details included in the interview that aren’t in any website or book.

Making Gay History

A podcast/radio interview from Barbara and her partner Kay. They went into detail about their lesbian organization (how it started, and how it changed throughout the years), the protests/demonstrations they attended, and their feelings about everything that was going on.