Socials DoL #2: Legalization of Marijuana

The legalization of marijuana in Canada is a controversial topic, one that has been discussed to a great extent throughout the years. Making this illegal drug more accessible for medical and recreational uses not only affects the political aspect of Canada’s identity, but the social, environmental, and economic aspects as well. The political issue came about in 1923, when Parliament’s decision made Canada one of the first countries to add marijuana to the list.. Read More

In-Depth #4

It’s week seven, and I’ve already learned so much from my mentor, although we’ve only had two meetings so far. During this meeting, we went through all my makeup/brushes and she showed me how to use each one. One thing I learned was that eyeshadow brushes have a large variety of uses, they are way more multi-purpose than I thought. I also learned that I have all the right supplies – which is.. Read More