It’s week seven, and I’ve already learned so much from my mentor, although we’ve only had two meetings so far. During this meeting, we went through all my makeup/brushes and she showed me how to use each one. One thing I learned was that eyeshadow brushes have a large variety of uses, they are way more multi-purpose than I thought. I also learned that I have all the right supplies – which is great – except for false eyelashes, I need to buy a few more pairs. The good thing is that they are fairly cheap, you can find good quality ones for a small amount of money at most drugstores (such as Shoppers Drug Mart)! We also completed a face chart (a piece of paper with the outline of a face), with darker eyeshadow colours that I haven’t had experience using before.


As well as this, my mentor gave me a textbook about cosmetology that she uses with her students, and it has SO MUCH useful information (about applying false eyelashes/makeup in general, the colour theory, face shapes, eye shapes, etc) and a CD with three different step-by-step makeup tutorials. I’m so excited to read/watch this all, I know that I’ll get a lot from them. For our next meeting, I’m going to bring my all makeup again and she’s going to show me how to complete a look!


What has been my most difficult mentoring challenge so far?  Why?

The most difficult challenge that I’m facing during my mentor sessions is taking notes while still actively listening. I’m not very good at taking notes while listening to someone talk, and I need to work on my multitasking skills. My goal for the next few meetings is to write down only very important things, since my brain can retain information fairly well. Being an effective listener is more important than having detailed, neat notes!


What is working well? Why?

What is working well:

  • Our meeting spot is at her house, which is great because she has a lot of supplies, as well as space for us to work.
  • She’s a teacher so she’s able to “lead” the meetings and basically teach me all of her knowledge, but she goes slowly and leaves time for me to ask questions and give suggestions.
  • We are beginning to do a lot of hands on learning, which is so helpful for me because I am a visual/kinesthetic learner.


What could be working better?  How can you make sure this happens?

This was one of the goals I set during my last post, but it definitely would be better for me to write a list of questions before each meeting because I forgot to ask what I’ve been wondering. Having a list of questions would ensure that we don’t get off track, and also that I’m making the best of my mentoring experience. I can make sure that this happens by bringing a notebook with my questions to every meeting, and by putting reminders in my phone/planner.


I haven’t been particularly happy with any of my recent looks so I’m not going to post any pictures of those. That’s all!