My in-depth has been going great so far! I’ve been experimenting with brighter colours, such as blue, yellow and green, which has been super fun. I did a rainbow look recently and it turned out way better than I expected, I was able to blend all the colours together while still managing to make every individual colour visible. This is definitely one of my favourite looks that I’ve completed so far. Also, I finally mastered the art of putting on fake lashes! It took a lot of practice and I ruined a few pairs of lashes by using too much glue, but I’m quickly improving.



The most difficult part of this project is finding time to do makeup, as these past few months have been extremely busy and I’ve had to sometimes prioritize other subjects. My skin has been dry and very sensitive as well, so even though somedays I want to do makeup, I can’t. However, my skin is slowly improving and I’ve been working on in-depth as much as I can, even if it means cutting out a bit of my studying time for other subjects.


I have a rough idea of how I’m going to present my project, however I still need to figure out the important details. I originally wanted to create a video but later decided to have a learning centre instead, as it makes the most sense. I’m going to display pictures of my looks and maybe bring in some of my makeup to talk about how I use it. I am also going to put on a “fancy” makeup look on in-depth night, to truly test my knowledge and showcase my progress to others. As I said before, I still have lots of planning to do but I’m excited to see the finished product of my learning.